The Blaker Society DNA Project

A background to our GENETIC Genealogy Project.

There are two types of DNA tests now available for genealogical testing.
The Y-chromosome (Y-DNA) test and the mitochondrial (mtDNA) test.
A direct female line can be traced by testing mitochondrial DNA.

However, since we are trying to trace the Blaker family name, which is usually passed from father to son, the testing of the Y-chromosome DNA is what we are most interested in.

For more information on DNA and Y-chromosome testing see link to DNA 101.


The Blaker DNA Project would like to perform the Y-DNA Test on men with the Blaker Family name (including all variant spellings).

To this end we have selected Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), one of the most prominent research firms in this field, for our "Y" chromosome DNA project. FTDNA is based in Houston, Texas USA and founded strictly for performing genealogical DNA testing and analysis. They work closely with Dr. Michael Hammer of the University of Arizona. Dr. Hammer is another highly respected geneticist who is actively pursuing DNA research.

As part of a Family Tree DNA Project we have obtained the following special prices for our project: